Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Raven333, (known here as Fiberartistoo) has been an artist and artisan for 20 years. Libby, who describes herself as a jewelry maker, designer of art dolls, shrines, as well as a serious assemblage artist, also states that fabric art is her primary medium now. Besides pouches, pins and wall hangings, she also combines the color and texture of fabric arts with her expertise in bookbinding in order to create dynamic altered books. I found this to be true as I browsed her shop, and found it to be a great showcase of her varied talents, consisting of great one-of-a-kind fiber art, including felting.

I've chosen her precious 5"x7" felted heart (that hangs inside its shadowbox wooden frame against a background of hand colored and aged paper), because it reminds me of the early American folk art samplers that I love so much. But, instead of decorating this heart with needle and thread embroidery, she's used wire, pewter and rhinestone embellishments. Again this appeals to me because it's an old look using modern materials.

Please take a better look at this sweet heart, which is now discounted, at Raven's shop!

Felted Heart in a box:



  1. What a precious little piece of art. Simply sweet and very unique.

  2. Libby makes magic with fiber! Very nice article.

  3. Nice article! The heart is beautiful!! :-)