Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bejeweled by Candi

Bejeweled by Candi is also an Etsy seller. Her shop not only has oodles of wonderful jewelry, but the hearts and views to go with them. And, again, it was difficult to select just *one* item to showcase!

I finally settled on the Botswana, Agate, Carnelian and Silver Bead Necklace. The materials sound so far and exotic, and more importantly, it's a bold and classic piece. The primarily neutral white color and classic style make it a versatile necklace. There's so *much* you can wear it with - and that's why it's the perfect summer "must have"!

Handmade Botswana Agate, Carnelian and Silver Bead Necklace

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  1. Candi's work is so pretty....nice feature.