Friday, April 17, 2009

Linda B's Creations

Linda B says that she loves to bead using bold colors and a wide variety and combination of gemstones, glass, sterling silver and pewter. Many are her own, original, copyrighted creations.

I found her shops to have a variety of gemstone and glass jewelry items, bookmarks, ("BookBeads"), Car charms, ("carms"), papercrafted items, and even pet jewelry. Her handcrafted cards are cute and cheerful, as well as competitively priced. Even with shipping, I find them to be more affordable and more personal than mass-produced greeting cards.

It's also evident that Linda has taken care to assure happy customers by making more affordable jewelry items, taking the current economy into consideration. She says that she'll also make an item with precious metals at a customer's request.

She says that she's happy to take custom orders, and requests for certain color combinations, preferences for jewelry to match clothing, or even specific gemstones to enhance an individual's particular energy needs. And, a nice touch that Linda offers with some of her gemstones is including the history and the healing powers of the particular stone. Linda is also a member of the EtsyBead Team, the EtsyTwitter Team, the EtsyBlogger team and the EtsyChai Team.

I've chosen to highlight Linda's Green Serpentine Bloodstone earrings today. You'll find these in her Etsy shop:

I also found Linda's 1000markets shop to be particulary attractive, so please stop by to pay her a visit there, as well:

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