Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jane Grafton, Laura Trevey and Baby Bliss

Jane Grafton enjoys making jewelry with quality components including Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and more. More than anything, she wants people to love their jewelry, and she won't complete a piece until the details are right.

Designs can be custom-sized by request, and jewelry comes with a guarantee. Stop by Jane's shop to learn more and to consider purchasing something special for yourself or a loved one!


I met Laura Trevey when she was doing a "Bright, Bold, Beautiful" feature on her blog, and it's easy to see how much joy is in Laura's work just by browsing through her shop - it truly is bright bold and beautiful!

Laura says that art is her passion, and that she loves to paint with bold brushstrokes and vibrant color, and that one will find a variety of styles, and subjects in her work. She says that she loves florals, landscapes, and even abstracts, and though she's been painting exclusively in watercolor for 10 years, she continues to seek new ways to express herself on paper!!
Laura is proud to share that her paintings have been selected for juried exhibitions throughout the state of Virginia. Please don't miss a chance to stop by Laura's shop!!

Merengue, Original Watercolor painting:

Cascading tulips:

Laura Trevey:

Baby Bliss is not only active on the Internet, but she has her own Bricks and Mortar shop. Baby Bliss carries unique Gifts and decor for Babies.

Everything in Baby Bliss' shop is $20 and under?!

Rabbits Burpie Cloth:

Girl Letter B:

Baby Bliss:


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  2. I just linked you on Bright, Bold, and Beautiful under the section "Beautiful mentions" :)