Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Creative Art Center Etsy shop

Sarah of The Creative Art Center Etsy shop, is a native Brazilian now living in Florida. In addition to having a degree in Business Administration, she's also a certified preschool teacher, and a Graphic Designer who specializes in movie editing, photo restoration, and photo montage.

Sarah says that arts and crafts have been a part of her life since childhood. As a self-taught and eclectic artist, she works with a variety of techniques and materials, and currently loves working with Polymer Clay.

I've chosen to showcase Sarah's handmade peacock feather pendent and black and gold earrings, both made from stamped polymer clay. The peacock pendant is strung with perfectly matched glass beads, and the earrings, which are appropriate for any outfit day or night, measure 1 ¾ of inches in diameter.

And, for those of you who have heaps of photos, videos, home movies and other sentimental mementos, but don't know where to start in getting them all organized, Sarah can help! She can create lasting memories that are compact, portable and everlasting by using her skills with DVD's, Videos, music and all other media.

Sarah, who is an expert in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, is also knowledgeable in Dreamweaver, Apple’s iDVD, and Final Cut Pro. When making a series of video scenes, Sarah uses a nice, creative, and different effect for each video scene transition. If you would like a photo effect or montage, she asks that you contact her for a price quote.

Here are a few options of what she can do with your sentimental media:

DVD Slide show: Perfect to save pictures, forever, that are far from dust and age damages. It's a great gift for parents, grandparents, Godmother/fathers, yourself, or anyone else you love. It's also fabulous for "scrap booking" events such as gifts for milestone anniversaries, birthdays, and so forth.

Personalized DVDs can include:
Video clips (segments)

A custom menu with sound is included to give a unique view to your DVD, and the DVDs come with personalized label, and matching DVD case cover.

DVD Slideshow and Movie Editing:

In addition to the above, she also does photo touch-ups for still life pictures that have become damaged by time or the elements by restoring, retouching, colorizing and enhancing your old photo. She will work on your photos by cropping and by making adjustments and enhancements with color, contrast, rotation, and red eye correction.

Photo retouch and restoration:

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