Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last of the "Peacock Passion" purses

Unless there is a demand for more, these are the last of this summer's "Passion for peacock" purses. They all have ample pocket space inside and the gold and pink have exterior pockets. (I take just as much pride and put just as much time and work time on the inside of my purses as the outside). Even though I've just listed them in the last day or two, they've already gotten hearts.

Note that while all three purses have two handles, they are treated as one. This takes the hassle out of keeping track of 2 handles. The gold purse attaches to one "central" handle, while the pink and white handles are knotted. This gives them both style and function.


  1. Love the unique knotted handles and great fabric too!

  2. I love the peacock design. Very whimsical!