Friday, July 24, 2009

Creative With Clay Etsy shop

I really love Charan's colorful "Creative with Clay" Etsy shop, where you can find unique one of a kind pottery inspired by Indian designs, fabrics, embroidery, colors and Bollywood. Charan prefers to sculpt unique forms with movement and fluidity. The end result are pieces that are both beautiful and functional, and that reflect the culture and art of his native India.

I love to get to know a bit about the artist behind the work, so I found Charan's many sites interesting and informative. I particularly loved the slip decorating techniques, (that illustrates how the decorative scrolls are applied), so please stop by his studio and view some videos at:

And, if you'd like to see a video of Charan at work, please check out this HGTV clip at:

Or, just search for Charan Sachar on

Handmade butter dish with knife (center photo)

You can see the process of making butter dishes at:

Midnight Blue Tealight Candle holder (top photo):

Handmade Soap dish or sponge holder (bottom photo)
Charan invites you to contact him for CUSTOM or WHOLESALE orders.

Etsy shop:

And check out Charan's BLOG

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