Friday, July 3, 2009

Wonderful Wire Etsy shop

The Wonderful Wire Etsy shop has some nice work with polymer clay and other mediums, but primarily showcases a large variety of wrapped wire insects, animals, mobiles and more. I envy anyone who can take ordinary objects and turn them into something that almost literally takes on life!

As I set about to feature today's artist, I was reminded that there's no shortage of awesome people on Etsy, and how humbled I am by being there! The artisan behind these Wonderful wire lives on a 30 ft. sailboat with her huband and rescued shelter dog Jake, and against the progressive confines of Multiple Sclerosis, turns out piece after piece of awesome wire art.

As always, I'll allow the artist to explain her inspiration behind her work:

"Art for me is more than just expressive creativity... it is the voice of my soul. It is a release, an outlet, a way to 'press my face against the screen of a window to breathe in the fresh outside air! I have Multiple Sclerosis; a very progressively confining disease. Yet, the more I am confined and seemingly 'boxed in', the more I crave to shout and sing out! Wire Art is the newest 'song I am singing' and each style of art I engage in has it's own musical tone... It gives me relief, joy and delight. And this is what I hope it gives others as well."

Please join me in visiting the Wonderful Wire Etsy shop!

Bird Wire Art 'Sweet-bird' Silver:

Wire Art 'Giant Steamer-Wing Fly' Insect Bug Silver Recycled Materials:

Giraffe Wire Art Sculpture Gold Copper Recycled Metal Keys:

Wonderful Wire:



  1. Wow, Wonderful Wire, I love your art!
    And what an interesting life you live!
    I have a sister who has MS, for the past 40 years, she is a wonderful hair stylist and has worked for the movie industry in So. Cal. and exclusive shops in Thousand Oaks and Westlake, Calif.
    She still does special clients hair, along with being a goumet chef!
    Seems a lot of you people who live with MS seem to very creative indeed.
    Your work is lovely. Thanks to Pat for sharing it.

  2. Hi Hon,

    I see you follow my blog. With my Lyme Disease one day I must have been a brain scientist & came up with my blog. It really has not much activity but If you send me your email & you'd like to Blog, I'd love to have you & your work posted sweetie! Hugs.