Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soapsrus Artfire shop

I met Jody, from Soapsrus through a forum post, and have since browsed her Artfire shop to find a nice selection of soaps and skin/health care products for both humans and pets. She has several balms, including those for various types of skin rashes and irritations and insect bites. She also has drawing salves and even a pain relief salve. I found her products to contain simple ingredients, including herbal extracts, which is nice for the growing numbers who need to avoid irritating chemicals and preservatives.

Check out the Soapsrus Artfire site, where you'll find her extensive inventory of soaps and balms.

Rose bath and shampoo soap - featured at top:
Soybean Lecithin & Cottonseed oil; Palm Kernel, Water and Sodium Hydroxide (Lye); Olive Oil infused with Chamomile, Comfrey and Calendula;Essential Oil; Shea Butter; Beeswax; Apricot Kernel; Grapefruit Seed Extract; Liquid Silk and Coloring; Chopped Rose Petals. Weight 3.8 oz.

Soapsrus Artfire shop:

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