Monday, July 20, 2009

Seaphemera Etsy shop

I met Gail, of Etsy shop, Seaphemera, on my Florida Etsy Fest team, where I'm constantly in awe of the great talent there. I was so struck in the way Gail takes mundane objects and turns them into objects of awesome beauty, and wanted to share them!

Gail, who first started her love affair with the sea on the south Jersey shores, shares that she's always loved walking the beach, and, unlike most folks, it's not the perfect specimens that draw her, (beautiful as they are), but broken bits and pieces of worn shell. Gail loves the effect of the sea and it's creatures on these tiny bits of calcium, and it's what inspires her to use them as the basis for her jewelry designs.

Not having formal training in jewelry making may be an advantage to Gail, in that she breaks the "rules" of jewelry making, so to speak. Using spacers and jumprings for settings, she plays with different materials, rearranging them in various combinations on her work table until they look and feel just right to her. A favorite compliment to her shells are pearls, but I find that her use of faceted gemstones contrast beautifully with the shells in a unique, fresh and tasteful way.

Again, it was very hard to choose, but here are 3 pendants that I find are irresistibly beautiful for showcasing. Please share with me in admiration of the Seaphemera shop, and please treat yourself to a stop to see more. Remember that shipping is FREE for the month of July!

Shell Pendant, "Hermione's Magic":

Shell Bali Silver Pendant and Chain. "Valley of Sparkle" (CZ set in Bali silver) :

Shell Pearl pendant "On Pointe":

Shell Pendant "Birth of cool" using oyster shell and Freshwater Pearl:

Seaphemera Etsy shop:

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